SCNDL-The Munsta

by Finance Guru on February 17, 2015


Bread and Fishes

by Finance Guru on September 2, 2014

Accountability is important and at some point I should be held responsible for my rabbling, so I decided to audit myself. The decision sprung from a StockTwits tweet mocking me for using Seeking Alpha as my news source. Electronic Arts Continues to Invade Zynga’s Turf (EA and ZNGA)   Discover Financial: A Diamond in a […]


Response to the Peak Auto Segment on Bloomberg

February 24, 2014

A reason we have hit peak car is because cars no longer evolve to make upgrading from the previous car worth it. The best place to look to understand the process is the PC industry. In order to make purchasing a new PC worth it a reason is required, usually a technological bottleneck, to upgrade. […]

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3 Questions for Surviving Financial Blogosphere Survival

February 23, 2014

In 2008 the world’s investors’ love of equities and “Flip this House” came crashing down. As a result, the equity blogosphere is constantly littered with apocalyptic soothsayers waving golden trinkets. The only thing worse would be the lack of these characters simply because bull markets build on fear and crash on exuberance. 1)      How can I prove this moron […]

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Intrexon: Reinventing Synthetic Biology

February 20, 2014

Synthetic Biology is more than just an emerging field. In the next few decades it will be touching every aspect of our lives by using microbes, living organisms, and other biologic molecules to solve problems such as food shortages. Examples would be geneticallymodifying salmon to grow faster, growing plants to produce more of a important […]

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Himax is Looking Good After Earnings

February 17, 2014

Himax (HIMX) a leader in flat panel display drivers for large and small sized screens and LCOS sensors is extremely well positioned to benefit from upcoming technology trends. A Himax Technologies’ earnings press release was released today and the EPS came in at $.10 and revenues beat by $1.89m.  Himax continues to complete its revenue diversification, is preparing […]

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AMZN: Apple’s Biggest Contender Rises from the Ashes; Holiday Showdown!

December 3, 2011’s launch of the Kindle Fire is a significant event in the technology industry. Amazon’s business model puts them in position to be one of the few to challenge Apple in the tablet computer business, while challenging AppleTV and Netflix with streaming media. AMZN provides an underdog play this holiday season. Earlier this year AMZN […]

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